Installing a Rotisserie Kit on a Royale Riser

So you have your new Que-Tensils Royale Riser and you can't wait to get started barbequing? Here are the quick steps you need to follow to install your rotisserie kit. 

We have chosen to make our rotisserie risers compatible with a Gasmate battery rotisserie kit model GRT2, Outdoor Magic Rotisserie Spit Kit (OM2017-8) and Gascraft BBQ Rotisserie Kit (TWL058-003).

That's not to say that our risers aren't compatible with other rotisserie kits; most rotisserie motor brackets are universal so they could work well. However, we cannot guarantee that they will work without alteration on your behalf.


Some important fine print:

Please note that a rotisserie kit and batteries are not included with our risers and are sold separately. All additional rotisserie items shown in the pictures below including rods, brackets and fastenings are part of the rotisserie kit and are also not included.

The steps below are guidelines only and the selected rotisserie kit instructions should also be followed to ensure no warranties are void.


Step 1

Unbox your rotisserie kit and find the following parts:

  • 1x rotisserie motor bracket
  • 2x M6 bolts
  • 2x M6 nuts 
  • 4x M6 star washers

Installing a Gasmate Rotisserie Kit on a Que-Tensils GA Riser Step One


Step 2

Mount the rotisserie motor bracket to the exterior of the riser, using the pre-punched holes.

  • Take the 2x M6 bolts and add 1x M6 star washer to each, so it sits on the head.
  • Push the bolts through the pre-punched holes in the riser. Ensure that the heads of the bolts are on the inside of the riser, this stops anything getting caught as the rotisserie turns.
  • Place the rotisserie motor bracket over the bolts on the exterior of the riser, using the bottom two holes provided on the rotisserie motor bracket.
  • Place 1x M6 star washer and 1x M6 nut on each bolt and centre the bracket.
  • Tighten the nuts up using the correct tools advised in the rotisserie kit.
  • Note - you may need to adjust the bracket position slightly if the motor and rod do not completely align.

 Installing a Gasmate rotisserie kit on a Que-Tensils GA riser


Step 3

Place the rotisserie motor onto the now mounted bracket.

Ensure that the motor is the correct way up, as this can cause the rod to be out of level.

The rod hole in the motor should be closest to the bottom of the riser’s slot.

Installing a Gasmate rotisserie kit on a Que-Tensils GA Riser Step Three


Step 4

Assemble the rotisserie rod as per the instructions provided with the rotisserie kit.

  • Take 1x rotisserie rod skewered end, 1x long extension rod piece, 1x rod bush, 1x locking ring and 1x end handle.
  • Thread the rotisserie rod skewered end, long extension rod piece and end handle together and tighten.
  • Slide the bush (with smaller end towards handle) and the locking ring over the now assembled rotisserie rod.
  • Note - it is common for the larger and smaller rod pieces to not completely match up. This will not affect the performance.

Installing a Gasmate rotisserie kit on a Que-Tensils GA Riser Step Four


Step 5

This is the step where you would place the item you intend to cook onto the skewer.

  • Place 1x prong onto the skewer set up with the sharp ends facing away from the handle.
  • Add your piece of meat/vegetable etc to the skewer set up.
  • Place the other 1x prong to the skewer with the sharp ends facing towards the handle.
  • Push the prongs into the item firmly, ensuring the weight is as evenly spread as possible. This helps the motor work as efficiently as possible.
  • Do not nip up the prongs until the next step.
  • Place the rotisserie rod set up into the motor and riser.


Step 6

This is where the item you intend to cook is centred and  locked in for the cooking duration.

  • Ensure that the rotisserie rod set up is pushed the whole way into the motor hole.
  • Ensure that the bush is fitted into the opposite end slot and tighten the locking ring to keep it in place.
  • Slide the item you intend to cook so that it is centred into the middle of the riser.
  • Lock up the prongs to ensure that it does not slip on the rotisserie rod.
  • Switch on the motor and you are away!

Installing a Gasmate rotisserie kit on a Que-Tensils GA Riser Step Five and Six


Spare Parts

You would have noticed by now that there are additional items that come with your rotisserie kit that have not been mentioned above. This is because they are not required for use in our set up.

See the items below that are not required or are spares.

Installing a Gasmate Rotisserie kit on a Que-Tensils GA Riser spare parts


Additional Options for a Basket

  • If you are using a rotisserie basket (also sold separately) follow the above steps, however instead of adding the prongs, slide the basket onto the rotisserie rod.
  • Ensure that the basket is completely centred and tightened. This is to stop the basket from hitting the tabs on the underside of your GA lid.

Installing a Gasmate Rotisserie Kit and basket on a Que-Tensils GA Riser